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CMG Training:
Introduction to CMG's Modelling Workflows & CMOST
Learn Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization, and Uncertainty Assessment techniques and their applicability in a thermal simulation model using STARS. Perform a sensitivity analysis of a Black Oil simulation model using reservoir parameters that allow the final selection for an assisted history match process using CMOST. Convert the history matched black oil case to a STARS thermal model (K‐values). Use the optimization function options and select the best strategy for applying a Cycling Steam Stimulation (CSS) in the reservoir model.

Course Content

  • Create a simulation model in Builder: import rescue model, PVT, SCAL, recurrent data, etc.
  • Four CMOST components:
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • History matching
    • Optimization
    • Uncertainty assessment
  • CMOST Studio
    • How to create the CMOST data files, i.e. master data set, and study files
  • Use Builder to generate automatic cyclic injection
  • Convert a Black Oil model into a STARS model (K‐value)
  • Optimize a Cyclic Steam Stimulation case with CMOST
  • Analyze/Visualize results from the optimized thermal model

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